Privacy Policy

Coverage of Privacy Agreement

Your privacy security is very important to us, so we are very pleased to inform you how we collect and use your related information.

This article is intended to help you learn the following content:

  • Information that we will collect
  • How we will use the collected information
  • How your information will be “used” in our product
  • How we will store the collected information and guarantee its security
  • How the information that we collect is transmitted cross borders
  • Other information about privacy

The privacy agreement shall remain effective in the whole course when you use Teambition products, other Teambition family products (e.g. Thoughts) and services, or when you call and use Teambition in any other ways, unless it is noted in another separate privacy agreement. It is also specified in the policies that you have the right to decide whether we are allowed to collect your behavior data. If you don’t agree with the policies, don't access or use our services or make interaction in any other aspect of our business. When we mention “Teambition”, “We” or “Us” in the policies, we refer to Shanghai Huiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd., which controls the information collected by Teambition when you using our services. Teambition provides tools for teamwork, consisting of our website, desktop and mobile products, which can help you keep organizing and communicating with others. We also have and run a number of websites while providing relevant service. In the policies, we call all these products and our other services and websites as “services” as a whole.

What information we collect from you

We will collect the information that you provide to us, including that generated when you use our services and that provided to us from other information sources, as shown below.

Information that you provide to us

We will collect the data that you directly input into our websites or services.

1. Account and personal information:We will collect your related information when you register your account, create or modify your personal information, set your personal appetite, sign up for services, or make purchase via our services. For instance, the contact details that you provide when you sign up for services, and your billing information under some circumstances will be collected. You can choose to add your personal photo, resume and other specific information into your personal information to show such specific information in our services. When you modify or select your personal appetite, we will also continue to acquire and track the information on your appetite.

2. Content that you provide via our products:We will collect and store the content that you release, send, receive and share when you use our website, desktop and mobile Teambition products. Such content includes any of your information or the information that you choose to cover, and the files and links that you upload to our services. The content we collect and store include files, task lists, items, lists, company name or task description that you attach to your tasks, your comments in tasks, sharing and files, and photos, emoji and files that you upload.

3. Content that you provide via our websites:We also collect the information that you submit at the websites and social media platforms that we have and run. For instance, the content that you provide to us will be collected when you provide feedback or participate in any of our surveys on interactive functions, promotions, and lucky draw activities.

4. Information that you provide via our support channels:We will also collect the questions and information that you submit via our customer support service or other support services. When you open our customer support chat window or email, the system will ask you to provide your contact information, the problem you encounter, snapshots and any other information helpful to solving the problem such as files and screenshots.

5. Payment information:When you sign up for some paid services, we will collect some payment and billing information. For instance, when you paying for our products, we will ask you to specify the information such as name and contact details. You may also provide the payer's account number, e.g. your bank card number.

Information collected automatically when you use our services

When you browse and use our services (e.g. browsing our websites or having corresponding operations on web pages), we will automatically collect your related information.

1. Your behavior in using our products:When you access any of our services and have relevant interaction, we will track some of your information, which include the functions you are using, such as the tasks clicked, the team selected or other links clicked; types, sizes and filenames of attachments that you upload into the services; and the search terms that you often use and your interaction with others in our products ... We also collect the information of the team and team members that you work with and your ways to interact with them, e.g. members in most frequent collaboration and communication with you.

2. Equipment and connection information:When you use our services, we will collect information about your computer, mobile phone, tablet or other equipment that you use to access our services. Such equipment information includes the connection type and setup when you install, access, update or use our services. We will also, via your equipment, collect information about your operating system, browser type, IP address, URL of the web page shared or exited, equipment ID and data related to application crash. We estimate your location based on your IP address, country or region, with a view to providing you with better service experience. How much information we collect depends on the type and setup of your equipment to access our services.

3. Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies:Teambition and our third-party partners (e.g. our analysis partner) identify your identity by way of Cookie and other tracking technologies (e.g. web beacon), but you can choose not to enable the tracking technologies of Teambition.

Information that we collect from other sources and channels

We will receive your information from other users in our services, other third-party services and relevant companies as well as our business and channel partners.

1. Other users in our services:Other users in our services may submit some content in our services which may contain some information about you. For instance, your name is contained in the note to a task or your information is mentioned during a chat. We will also receive the email addresses from other service users so as to invite you join our services. Similarly, your corporate administrator will also designate you as a project administrator or team administrator (entering your email or telephone) so that your team members can contact you when necessary.

2. Other services that you associate to your account:When you activate third-party applications such as github and WeChat or integrate or associate third-party service with our services, we will receive information about you. For instance, if you create an account or log on our services with your WeChat token, we will receive your name and other information according to your WeChat personal information setup, so as to verify your identity. Your or your administrator may also integrate our services with other services that you use. For example, you are allowed to access, store, share and edit some content from a third party via our services. And you can empower our services to access and display files from a third-party file sharing service supplier (e.g. Office365 and Shimo Docs) in our service interface. Moreover, you can empower our services to synchronize your contact list or address book so that you can easily contact any of them in our services, or invite them to collaborate with you in our services. The information we can receive when we link or integrate our services with third-party services depends on the setup, authority and privacy policies controlled thereby. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the privacy setup and notification in these third-party services so as to learn which data may be disclosed to or shared with us.

3. Partners of Teambition :In cooperation with our partners, we provide services such as single sign-on (SSO), data onboarding and training centering on our products and our partners’ products. Some of our partners also help us to promote our products, bring us sales leads and resell our products. We will receive information from these partners, such as billing information, technical contact information, company names, and products that you are interested in.

How we will use the collected information

How we will use the collected information depends on the services that you use, how you use them and the appetite that you set. The specific purposes for which we use your information that we collect are specified as below:

1. For providing you with better services and individualized experience:We use your information to provide services to you, including identifying where you sign in, what user support services we provide and the operation and maintenance of overall services. For instance, we use the name and photo that you provide in your account as your identification (profile picture) that is displayed to other service users. Our services also include individualized experience and customization to improve your efficiency in using Teambition. With automatic analysis and computing, Teambition can improve the capability and efficiency of others to communicate and collaborate with you, so as to better help you and your team establish a steady and accurate relationship. We may use your email domain to deduce your relation with a specific organization or industry, with a view to offering individualized content and experience to you when you visiting our websites.

2. For research and iterative development:We have been looking for ways to make our services smarter, faster, more secured, and more integrated all through so as to help you get a better user experience in a more efficient way. Through collective study, we learn how people use our services and collect the feedback given by users directly with a view to helping us troubleshoot problems, and determine the product tendency, usage, event mode, and the method to integrate and improve services. For instance, upon every iteration and update, we will record all accesses to new functions and links used by users. In this way, we may design better and more user-oriented functions. Under some circumstances, we will provide such survey and research data to the corresponding research institutes to conduct in-depth product research and academic study.

3. For better communication with you:Based on your contact details, we send transaction mails via email and service content, which include confirmation of your purchase, reminder of maturity of your subscription, response to your opinions, questions and needs, and customer service support, and we will also send update, notice and warning to you. According to your setup, we will send an email notice to you when you are interacting with others in our services, for instance, when you are mentioned in a task or added into a task.

4. For technical services:We use your information to solve technical problems that you encounter, respond to your request for assistance, analyze crash information, and repair and improve services. If you allow us to do so, we will share your information to technical experts of Teambition, so as to respond and support relevant requests.

5. For strengthening security protection and authentication:We authenticate your account and activities with your information and services that you use, so as to monitor any suspicious or deceitful activities and judge whether any activity violates the service policies.

6. For protecting our legal commercial interest and legitimate benefits:Where it is required by law or we believe that it is necessary to protect our legal benefits and interest and the interest of others, we may use your information in lawsuit, compliance, supervision and audit functions, and disclosure related to acquisition, merger and business selling.

How we share the information we have collected

We develop and provide tools for teamwork, in the hope that they can better help you in your work. This means that we will share the information that we collect via services or third parties. We share your information that we collect in the following ways, including information related to the possible business transfer, but we undertake not to sell your information to any advertising agency or third party.

Sharing with other users in our services

1. For teamwork and cooperation:You may create a task or other content containing your inforation, and grant others the access right, or grant them the rights to share, edit, duplicate and download. When you share or interact with specific content, some teamwork functions of our services will display your personal information in part or in whole to other service users. For instance, when you comment on a task, we will display your profile picture and name beside your comment so that other users with access to the task can know who has given the comment. Similarly, when you join a team or an organization, your name, personal photo and contact details will be displayed in the lists of other team members so that they can find you and interact with you. Please note that some tasks and projects may be set as open, which means that any content posted in the project concerned (including your information) may be viewed openly. You can access your project setup at any time so as to check whether a specific project is open or not.

2. Forum community :Our websites provide blogs, forums and bug trackers that can be accessed openly. Any information that you provide at these websites, including personal information related to your account for posting information, may be read, collected and used by any one visiting such websites. Even if you terminate your account, your posts and some configuration files will also be retained. We recommend you to take into consideration security and privacy when entering such information.

Sharing with third-party partners

We share information with our third-party partners to help our operations, provide, improve, integrate, customize, support and sell our services.

1. Third-party applications:You, your administrator or other service users may choose to add new functions, or activate the application center in services. By doing so, you may allow third-party applications to access your account and your information, such as your name and email address as well we any content related to such applications that you choose. The policies and procedures of all third-party applications are not under our control, and the privacy policies do not cover how third-party applications use your information. You should always pay attention to and learn the privacy setup and notification in these third-party services so as to learn more about their ways to protect privacy and process information. If you hold objection to that these third parties may share your information, please stop using these third-party applications.

2. Links leading to third-party websites:Our services may contain some links leading to other websites or services, of which the privacy practices may be different from ours. What should be noted is that any information that you use at any third-party website or you submit to it is subject to its privacy policies rather than ours.

How we store the collected information and guarantee its security Storage and security of information

1. Storage and security of information:We use the cloud service offered by Alibaba Cloud to host the information that we have collected and protect your data with technical measures. Although we try our best to protect your information security, no system is absolutely secure due to the intrinsic attribute of Internet. As a result, we cannot guarantee the security of data in the process of transmission and storage in our system via Internet, however we will spare no effort to prevent and protect against any security invasion incident. Nevertheless, in case that such incident occurs, we will inform you as soon as possible within a reasonable time.

How long the information will be stored

The information storage period depends on the types of information, and we will give a detailed description in the following part. After the storage period is over, we will delete or keep your information anonymous. However, if deletion cannot be executed (e.g. the information has been stored in the backup and archive), we will store your information securely and isolate it till the deletion is executable.

1. Account information:We will retain your account information till you delete your account. At the same time, we will also retain some necessary information to fulfill our legal obligation, settle dispute, perform our agreements, support our business operations, and keep developing and improving our services. If we will retain such information for improving our services and iterating our products, we will have the data masked and only use the information for collective analysis rather than specific analysis targeting at your personal data.

2. Information shared by you in our services:If your account has been deactive or has been deactivated, part of your information and the content that you provide will be retained so that your team members or other users can use our services fully. For instance, we will continue to display the comments and content that you give or provide in projects or tasks

3. Information on market appetite:If you choose to receive our marketing emails, we will retain your information on market appetite unless you specifically require us to delete such information. We will retain the information acquired via Cookies and other tracking technologies within reasonable periods from the time of creation.

How the information that we collect is transmitted cross borders

Teambition provides services both at home and abroad, and we only use the following data in communication between domestic areas and oversea areas with a view to help provide better user experience.(Basic user information, such as your account number, email, personal information, etc)

Other important privacy policies

Our products are suitable for both individuals and organizations. Where we provide services to you via an organization (e.g. your employer), the organization serves as the administrator of services and is responsible for the terminal users and service sites under its control. Under such a circumstance, you may submit your data privacy requirements to the administrator as your use of our services is subject to the policies of the organization. We are not responsible for privacy or security practices of the organization, namely the administrator, which may vary from our policies. Even if services are not under the administration of an organization currently, your team’s administrator or the owner of the domain associated to your organization’s email (e.g. your employer) may also manage and control your account and use our services afterwards as you are a member of a team under the administration of the organization or you access our services with the email address provided by the organization (e.g. your work email address). Under such a circumstance, you will receive a notice. The task owner, project administrator and corporate administrator can restrict your access and right to the task, project and enterprise. Under some circumstances, the corporate administrator may also:

  • Require you to reset your account password
  • Restrict, suspend or terminate your access to services or your account
  • Control your power to edit, restrict, amend or delete your account information
  • Change your account information, including personal information or email address related to your account
  • Access the information in your account
  • Activate or deactivate third-party applications

If you do not want the administrator to control your account and use of services, you may choose to exit from the enterprise, project, and task, and delete the any email with the domain owned or controlled by the administrator. Once the administrator announces the control right to your account and use of services, you may have no right to change the email address associated to your account without the approval of the administrator. Please contact your organization or your administrator for more information on the policies of the organization.

Our privacy policies on children

The services are not intended for any one less than 16 years old. We will not collect the personal information of children under 16 intentionally. If we discover that any child under 16 provide any personal information to us, we will take actions to delete such information. If you discover that any child provides his or her personal information to us, please contact our support service team.

Changes to privacy policies

We may make changes to the privacy policies from time to time, all of which will be released on the page. If any important change is made, we will give a notice on our service homepage, inform you on the first page after you sign in or send you a notice via email. We will also keep the previous versions of the privacy policies in archive for your review. You are encouraged to learn our privacy policies when using our services, and it can help you better protect your privacy to learn our information in a timely manner. If you do not agree with any change to the privacy policies, you need to stop using our services and deactivate your account.