Teambition Enterprise

The tool you love, with the control your company needs.

$36 per member per year

Powerful And Controllable Organization Admin

Orgnization managers can access and export all the organization operations log with the full autonomy of the role of custom rights.
In the premise of ensuring company data security,we make management more flexible。

Weekly Reports

It’s nice to be told what’s your progress during the week

Analytics and dashboards

It’s best to know how your company or team is performing

Simple and clear pricing

Our free tier covers any team's collaboration basic needs. For additional features that a company needs, we have created a simple pricing structure described below:


Suitable for teams and organizations of all scales

$36/ person / year
Try for free
  • All functions of "Free version"
  • Unlimited file content
  • Individual files up to 1G are supported
  • Support all Power-ups
  • Deployment of customized authorities and roles
  • Business organization management
  • Organization dashboard
  • Automated business reports
  • Exclusive business consulting
  • Exclusive customer success consulting


Suitable for individuals or micro businesses

  • Up to 10 members in each project
  • Tasks, documents, schedules and sharing
  • Unlimited file content
  • Markdown, an Extension
  • Individual files up to 200M are supported